This pages describes the features that are completed and to be completed for each module. Each module is made up of pages and services.



  1. create market (Completed)
  2. get market details (Completed)
  3. update market details (Completed)
  4. delete market details (Completed)
  5. is market setup (Completed)


  1. Edit front page
  2. Choose Trading model
  3. Change Admin password
  4. Create users (admin, csr)
  5. Reset users
  6. setup domain name
  7. setup email server
  8. configure timezone
  9. managing posts
  10. managing partners

User Management


  1. add an user (Completed)
  2. get user details by id (Completed)
  3. is user password valid (Completed)
  4. update user (Completed)
  5. delete user by login id (Completed)


  1. login user page (Completed)
  2. register user page (Completed)

My account


  1. add account (Completed)
  2. get account (details) by account id (Completed)
  3. update account (Completed)
  4. delete account (Completed)
  5. get accounts for an user (Completed)
  6. get accounts of a type (Completed)
  7. get cash balance (Completed)
  8. transfer cash (Completed)
  9. get account position details for a position id (Completed)
  10. add account position (Completed)
  11. update account position for a position id (Completed)
  12. delete account position for a position id (Completed)
  13. transfer position by id (Completed)
  14. get all account positions for an account (Completed)
  15. get all positions for an account and symbol (Completed)
  16. get account position summary for an account (Completed)
  17. get total value of all positions for an account (Completed)
  18. get top accounts (Completed)
  19. transfer history
  20. See ratings


  1. portfolio page (Completed)
  2. cash balance
  3. total value
  4. position details
  5. transfer history

Order Management


  1. place order (Completed)
  2. verify order (Completed)
  3. get open orders for account (Completed)
  4. get executed orders for account (Completed)
  5. fill orders (Completed)
  6. execute matches (Completed)


  1. Create an order(Completed)
  2. preview order (Completed)
  3. order created page (Completed)
  4. View open orders (Completed)
  5. View executed orders
  6. View history of all created orders
  7. Modify an open order
  8. Cancel an open order

Sell Side features specific to sell side


  1. search for competitors
  2. search for buyers
  3. Add image, sound, links

Pages TBD

Buy side features specific to buy side

Services TBD


  1. Search using keywords
  2. Search the category tree
  3. Search by time
  4. Leave a comment
  5. Ask the seller
  6. Rate the product/work



  1. execute an order (Completed)
  2. get received order by id (Completed)
  3. add received order to order book (Completed)
  4. lock order book for a symbol (Completed)
  5. release order book for a symbol (Completed)
  6. get order book for a symbol (Completed)
  7. update order book with a received order(Completed)
  8. create order fills for a list of order matches (Completed)
  9. record matched orders (Completed)
  10. get matched orders (Completed)
  11. update order book with matched orders (Completed)
  12. match order (Completed)
  13. send order fills (Completed)
  14. send order order matches (Completed)
  15. get market depth (Completed)


  1. show market depth



  1. add quote (Completed)
  2. update quote (Completed)
  3. get quote (Completed)
  4. delete quote (Completed)
  5. get quotes for all symbols (Completed)
  6. get quotes for a list of symbols (Completed)


  1. Individual quote
  2. Historical quote
  3. Most active instruments by volume
  4. Market movers by price movement
  5. Market movers by percentage of price movement
  6. Market depth for an instrument

Welcome Page

  1. Display the name, image
  2. Display what this market is about