Guide to helping with eMarket

As with any open source project, there are several ways you can help:

  • Join the mailing list and answer other user's questions
  • Report bugs, feature requests and other issues in the application.
  • Build eMarket for yourself, in order to fix bugs.
  • Submit patches to reported issues (both those you find, or that others have filed)
  • Help with the documentation by pointing out areas that are lacking or unclear, and if you are so inclined, submitting patches to correct it.

Your participation in the community is much appreciated!

Why Would I Want to Help?

There are several reasons these are good things.

  • By submitting your own fixes, they get incorporated faster
  • By answering other people's questions, you can learn more for yourself
  • By reporting issues, you ensure that bugs don't get missed, or forgotten
  • You are giving back to a community that has given you software for free

How do I Join the Project?

This is as much based on personality and ability to work with other developers and the community as it is with proven technical ability.

We need java developers

We need java server side developers and UI developers.

  • Are you interested in developing algorithms?
  • Are you interested in trading systems?
  • Are you interested in cool user interface development (html,flash or javascript) ?
  • Are you interested in tools development or quality engineering ( junits, automated test suites )?
  • Are you interested in project management or documentation ?

    If you say yes, we welcome to contribute to eMarket. please send an email to snambi at gmail dot com.